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Monday, October 12, 2009

65&80 OUT of the Hunt

The shop ower of 65&80 has decided to drop out of the hunt.  Please see the hints post for the urls directly from numbers 64&79 to numbers 66&81

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Age/Adult Verification required

Theese sims require adult or age verification.  Please us the detours if you are not age verified

#26-Thorn   Take TP to 27
#28-Salamander Airways   Take TP to 29

Hunt Hints

I'm updating theese as quickly as possible, please bare with me!

1.  Kisses make me batty!
3.  Look High look low look behind and in front, Art never looked so good!
4.  Bats behind skulls! ~ What a "screen"!
5.  The Bat you seek is gaurded by shadows and prizes.
6. SKIP (go to url of 7)
7.  I hate light
8.  bat on black
9.  I've heard that bats enjoy the moonlight
11.  when you land walk left : the bat flew over the moon....
12.  No hint by request of store owner
13.  Pumpkins in the tree
14.  Take a relaxing Bath whilst doing this Hunt
15.  The bat is hanging out near the cartoon action!
16.  He flys under the Turkey
17.  click the hint board at the tp point
18.  Find a Semi-aquatic beast
19.  Even bats need a cuddle
20.  A Place for a King to Rest
21.  Vanessa likes to keep all hunt gifts in one place, but this one keeps getting away.
22.  Try to find me without a hint - I "DARE YA"
24.  Where the pumpkins grow
25.  do Bats live in Trees?
26.  Climb all the stairs, to see the homewares, and check the view there's something for you.
27.  Winther Dresses look up
28.  What is for sale?
29.  It's laying down on the ground :)
30.  go up to the shadowy ghost..farther up^
31.  Look for her memories, you'll find it there.
32.  Cassandra says. "be weary of the night.. things lurk and take flight"
33.  I am most comfortable hanging at the Haunted House
34.  This bat is feeling lucky.
35  Hay!
36.  its my favorite season :)
37.  bubble, bubble
38.  Bats like to fly
39.  Look to the night sky, near the blonde beauty...
40.  shhhhhht, it s sleeping :)
42.  go to the Spooky House and follow the light
43.  This bat got a little caught up in the swing of things!
45.  Bats can fly like a moth to a flame.
46.  ......soaking its cares away....
47.  maybe scary things are in corners?
48.  No Hint
50.  Bats like to relax in a basket
51.  Ghosts reside there
52.  The outlook may look grave, but the sky is the limit, and moods can always be accessoried by great fashion.
54.  Stay straight ahead and you will see...striking beauty with falling leaves.
A bat rests way up high...watching the sun set in the sky.
55.  Find me clinging to a surface
57.  knick knack give the zombie a bat this odd corner is where im at...
58.  A dove flies in the daytime and a bat flies at night.
59.  No Hint
60.  2 SLEEPING BATS within these walls ye shall see, one for Jade's Jestures and 1 for PQD.
61.  No Hint
63.  This hunt's an illuminating experience
64.  What's that bat doing on top of that screen?
66.  I like to relax and bathe, come and see me :) im in the second floor Have fun !
67.  I look out over my rhelm.
68.  The bat is hiding in a cold, foggy place.
69.  R.I.P., Mr. Bat
71.  Get Stuck.
73.  My bat is sleeping near her pentacle
74.  Skulls and bones
75.  Bats in the bellefry.
77.  Low prim castles with a yard & trap door are nice!
82.  I am hanging in the Greenhouse!!
84.  Nestled amongst the Cakes
86.  A special date perhaps?
87.  I Just may Bite, I'm Black as night and always hanging out of Sight!
88.  On Halloween all the monsters are having a party tonight.
The "Mummy" will send you hugs and kisses.
The party never ends, cause this is in your dreams.
But if Halloween could have such a sight, would you still love Halloween night?
89.  its out in open no need for clue
90.  Held where all cargo be found.....yarrrrr!
91.  A wedding day wouldnt be complete without wedding photography and lingerie.
92.  Who thought purple paisley could be camouflage?
93.  Oh!! What a tangled web we weave!!
95.1. Hint: Luck is seldom at the bottom
2. Hint: There is no refund on the gift
96.  My oh My said the spider to the fly!
97.  Search near the Gargoyle
98.  Go past the ghost girl who sneaks out from the black caldroun IF YOU DARE!
100.  2 SLEEPING BATS within these walls ye shall see, one for Jade's Jestures and 1 for PQD.
106.  Check the glass block wal
108.  Helen Waite (in store greeter) always has the updated hints for all Heavenly Treasures hunts. :)
110.  Not Out yet, skip to 111
111.  Careful of the Hook of Death
112.  Get batty by a gravestone.
114.  Find your Prize at the end of this stop
115.  Look around for the orange bat,
If you didnt see it yet,
Know that its set
Under the feet of a skelet..(on) ;p
116.   Go to Halloween area and turn right towards the ghosts, ghouls and pumpkin display. You know you are close when you see "Do Not Enter!"
117.  The tracks will show your way... as all bats ours likes dark holes
118.  Look for K2 Loon poster inside the shop
119.  In the Attic :)
120.  Trick or treat !
You have to pass the trick,
If your answer is treat!
Look for a black bat
Under Missy Designs retreat
122.  Behind the bloody curtain
123.  Why not be brave and look beside the Zombie.
124.  red is where the bat is
125.  1 wall 2 wall no walls to hide me, inside outside no shop to hide in, guess U better look all over the clothes vendors...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Halloween Hunt Resurrected Guide!

Hey all!

Welcome to the Halloween Hunt Resurrected!

In true Halloween style, this hunt has risen from the grave to come back even better than ever!!

We hope you have a wonderful time on this hunt as many of us worked hard to pull it from the graveyard of hunts that havent happend and present it to you! That being said, there are still a lot of kinks we have to work out. Please bare with us, we'll get them straightened out as soon as we can!

Should you find a broken landmark or missing link, please let AlexandraM Guisse know by a notecard, titled "HHR bad lm", and include the "bad" lm, as well as the number of the shop.

Now down to the vital info about the hunt!

1. There is a NEW poster that you will be looking for!

2. There is also a NEW hunt object. You will now be looking for black (in most cases) bats

3. There is a new starting lm, Alexohol Fashions mainstore. Please tp here and start your hunting!

4. Blog:


This will be updated with up to date broken-link info, as well as hints for each shop *coming soon*

Please check back with this often!

5. if you started the former Halloween Hunt, you need to start over! Even if you've visited a shop before, the lms in them are completely different! So make sure to find those bats everywhere!

6. If you cannot find a bat, please ask in the "Halloween Hunt Resurrected Hunters" group, and do not message the owner of the store.

7. Some stores are in malls or have far landing points. *Or* just wish to give you a little help! Here's what the hunt tracks look like:

***General Hunt Advice***

1. Wait for everything to rez. Some of the locations take longer to rez than others. Once you've landed, step away from the landing point and wait for things to fully rez. You may be staring straight at an un-rezzed bat! If after looking seemingly everywhere you still cant find the bat, take a deep breath, go grab a drink, or browse their shop, then take a look again!

2. Utilize the hunters group & blog (as soon as it's updated!)

3. Avoid primmy clothing, hair, shoes, jewlery, and huds when hunting. Anything attached to your avi creates lag, the more you have, the worse the lag. So go with some less primmy hair, non-prim clothing, and detach all jewlery and unncessary huds if you're lagging somewhere

4. Please be courteous to all the vendors. Particularly with this hunt, the vendors have been through a ton of craziness to bring this hunt to you. If you dont like a gift, delete it, don't spam someone who took the time to create something about why you didnt like it.

5. If a store owner has been generous enough to allow build on their land, please *please* pick up after yourself.

6. Some shops are in malls. Make sure to pay attention to the *name* of the store in the lm when hunting! There are also a couple of locations with multiple stores participating....make sure to get the correct number bat!

7. Hunt with a friend...it's always mroe fun!



As of 10/7, there are still a few shops that you need to "skip". Here are the detour lms!

6. A&S Designs

Hunt object not out, please take the lm to 7


12. SandzabaR Store

Bat not set for sale, please take lm to 13

Virtual Get

110. ::LiQUiFiEd::

Hunt Object not for sale, please take lm to 111


These go arounds will be updated as often as possible! Please check the notices!


Last but not least, the hunt runs from midnight on October 7th, to midnight on Nov 7th, so don't miss out on the fun!

Happy Haunting, er Hunting!

**Any questions or comments reguarding the hunt should be sent to AlexandraM Guisse by notecad!

Thank you!

AlexandraM Guisse

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Hunt Resurrected!

Alright, Hunters, You want it, and we're stepping up to give it to you!

As of right now, the hunt will be *postponed*.   NOT Cancelled!!!

We'll relaunch the Halloween hunt on October 7th, back and beter than ever!!!

Stay tuned to the blog and group for more updates!

**Hunt Group will stay the same!!**

**Vendors, if you still want to participate, please send AlexandraM Guisse a notecard titled Halloween Hunt-your store name with your Name, Store Name, LM, and slurl by SUNDAY October 4th at midnight.

Vendors-Please join the new VENDOR hunt group--"Halloween Hunt Resurrected".  The Old Vendor Group will no longer recieve notices after sunday